iPhone 4: A video tells a million words

Video chatting is now possible on the iPhone

The new iPhone 4, billed as the worlds thinnest smartphone, was released today — and it does look sexy. They can’t seem to do much wrong these days. Check out the technical specs.

The new “Face time” feature, in particular, is bound to feed into the social networking craze and make the product more sticky. I can see bored teenagers, loving families and drunken college kids really stress testing this feature.

I love the way, they have integrated a thumbnail of the person you are chatting with into he bottom left hand corner. Typical Apple: Clean, neat, crisp lines, with minimal interference from unnecessary icons or other other features.

I am also fizzing for their new iMovie app which lets you edit clips on the fly… that is really cool. Looks like this will be retailing for about $4.99.
The iPhone will allow HD video recording (720p) at up to 30 frames per second with audio. It also includes photo and video geotagging.

Macworld reports on June 7, 2010 that iBooks will come to the iPhone with the release of the next major iPhone operating system, which Apple has renamed iOS 4.

The iPhone book application will be a clone of the iPad version which features highlighting, bookmarking and additional PDF support allowing users to save PDFs from Mail onto their iBooks.

You will be able to download books from the iBookstore to your iPhone. There will be no charge to stream these books to other apple mobile devices you may own.

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