Anonymous “Swarm” Outgames Google Algorithm


The Washington post recently published this article “4chan users seize internet’s power for mass disruptions” which dovetails with my recent synopsis “America, Please Get Ready To Swarm” suggesting that a Gartner Inc., report may be prescient in predicting an online “mob” approach to completing traditional work tasks or any other temporary community goal, good or evil.

According to the Post, 4chan was created seven years ago by a 15-year-old and represents a vast web of anonymous, uncensored message boards. No one’s in charge, but the site’s users have managed to pull off some of the highest-profile collective actions in the history of the Internet.

This included an incident in June 2010 when Google’s list of the top global searches began to fill up with random words such as “fried chicken” and “gyms.”

The article states that “The community self-organizes, decides on goals and achieves them in an ad hoc, undirected manner.”

This is another tangible example of the “swarming” approach which indicates a future trend wherein groups of users will come together to complete tasks, whether they be assigned by your employer or a community that captures your fancy.

The 4chan example above reflects a voluntary-composed swarm propelled by anonymous access and identity.

Users are not required to register and you can delete your posts at any time.

This “swarming” approach, Gartner predicts, will be harnessed by employers the world over to complete digital assignments in a temporary “team” approach. Once the job is over the swarm or team will break up and go on to other jobs offered by employers.

It’s not entirely clear what all the implications of this swarming approach will be, but it may suggest a strong alternative to authenticated networks such as Facebook which require a “face” or “email” in order to communicate.

The 4chan example points to a new online world where objectives are met by users with no email, no allegiance to any community or with any real need to reveal personal details about themselves. While powerful, the swarm may be impossible to control — only influenced.


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