The Crazy Genius of Nick L’ange: Comic Book Illustrator

04 jungle girl on bear lo-res-feature

The rise of the right-brain visual thinker continues with the unveiling of Nick L’anges new illustration website,, which I put together to showcase this awesome talent who currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

This comic book illustrator par excellence sharpened his tool set at the legendary comic book studios of Strika Communications in South Africa before striking out on his own.

A previous student at National School for the Arts in Johannesburg and attendee at the City Varsity and Michaelis School of Fine Art at University of Cape Town, Nick spent the last few years perfecting a set of skills that only the most imaginative minds fully comprehend how to harness.

This crazy genius brings characters to life: Illustrations, storyboards, and designs — you name it he does it.

“As an Illustrator one is required to be able to draw anything, from mundane everyday scenes to fantastic stretches of the imagination and everything in-between Be it coffee cup or a tentacled hour from beyond the stars, a petrol pump or a six-armed guitar goddess standing on a sloth, I will draw it for you,” said Nick.

In the video below you will see Amazonian Queens, Devil Woman, Corporate Campaigns, Amusement Parks, Sport’s Heroes, Shady Villains, Pompous Pigs and Stunning Composites.

I believe the 21st century belongs to the visual thinker and right-brainers of the artistic realm. The 20th Century gave us information-on-demand. But over the next few decades we need to ‘show, not tell’. What we desperately need is “art-on-demand” or “visuals-on-demand”; a seamless display of good-looking devices, applications and ideas.

Mark my words; Nick L’Ange will be one of those spearheading developments in the visual realm. Stay tuned.


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