The Gemini Effect

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In the last decade or so catamarans have gained in popularity within the broader yachting community.

Within the catamaran sector itself there has been further upheavals including the rising popularity of power catamarans and the advent of mega cats or “super catamarans” over 60 feet in length, including Richard Branson’s beast, the Necker Belle measuring over 100 feet.

These sailing and power catamarans have slowly and surely enticed many monohull enthusiasts over to the joys of stable, comfortable and sexy cats. While not exactly a war, there are strong advocates on both sides, which proclaim the merits of either one or two hulls respectively.

And, within the cat sector one particular sailing catamaran continues to maintain its popularity and affordability as the years go by: The Gemini 105Mc

Its famous teardrop hulls, measuring 34 feet, are still considered revolutionary, reducing drag and giving it the motion of a catamaran much larger in size.

It has the unusual ability of being able to traverse shallow waters — less than 2′ — made possible by lifting centerboards and pickup rudders.

In recent years, the builders of the Gemini crossed the great divide and partnered with Hunter Marine, a monohull builder to leverage their modern production methods and gain economies of scale in the wake of the recession.

The result is what I call the Gemini Effect: Updated interior designs to match the existing breakthroughs in hull design.

In a perfect twist of irony, the battle between Monohulls and Catamarans has been replaced, at least in this case, with a winning partnership between the builders of 1 and 2 hulls respectively.

By the way, if you are interested in a sailing vacation on a Gemini Catamaran send Kimberly Lee an email at charter [at] catamarans [dot] com. She would be glad to throw together some ideas for you in Florida, British Virgin Islands or even Mexico.

Catamarans Vs. Monohulls: Who Do You Support?

Illustration by Nick L’Ange

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