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How Nokia Missed the Greatest Technology Opportunity of the 21st Century

Posted 19 February 2012 | By | Categories: Mobile, Technology Landscape | 1 Comment

Tweet Have you ever wondered to yourself if your Smartphone could one day evolve from being a simple mini-computer into becoming a web server? Is it possible that a whole new generation of mobile servers could join together to emulate the massive computing power of a dedicated server or cloud server, their locations no longer […]


The M-commerce “Winds of Change” sweeps the U.S.

Posted 12 April 2011 | By | Categories: Technology Landscape | 2 Comments

Tweet The mobile commerce revolution sweeping the rest of the world appears to be only now hitting U.S. shores with further proof forthcoming in my recent interview with Michel Poignant, CEO Paymotech, who confirmed that his mobile wallet creation called Paytoo Mobile was already available in 250,000 wireless stores elsewhere in the world. His team […]