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Tweet has published my latest article “Full Circle — A Pilot’s Journey Home“, which chronicles the Lee family’s departure from Emirates Air in Dubai back to the United States after four years living in the desert. Read about how Dubai can turn your husband into a walking zombie and cook his internal organs. And, […]

cats vs monohulls(2)

The Gemini Effect

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Tweet In the last decade or so catamarans have gained in popularity within the broader yachting community. Within the catamaran sector itself there has been further upheavals including the rising popularity of power catamarans and the advent of mega cats or “super catamarans” over 60 feet in length, including Richard Branson’s beast, the Necker Belle […]


No avatar required for Miami “Virtual” Online Boat Show

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Tweet The Wall Street Journal reported last year that “Marine enthusiasts are being drawn to the boat shows and to dealerships in part by big discounts, as dealers are still working to unload new vessels from the past couple of model years and used boats they are taking as trade-ins.” The recent financial meltdown tightened […]


A Scientist, Tycoon and the Third Private Citizen in Space

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Tweet In a recent telephone interview with maverick scientist and business millionaire Greg Olsen, I asked him whether he had experienced an “aha” moment on his journey into outer space in 2005 — only the third “international” civilian ever to do so at the time. “All ten days were an aha moment but I didn’t […]


The Most Dangerous Man Alive

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Tweet Without telling you his name, let me tell you a little bit about him. At the age of seven he fell in love with a martial art called Hapkido after witnessing one of his Korean friends fend off several bullies at school. This took him on a 34 year journey into martial arts which […]


Child’s Play: Watch a Four-Year Old Master A Lagoon Power Catamaran

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Tweet My niece Isabella Lee is no ordinary girl. At the age of four she was already helping her dad, Darren, and her mom, Kimberly, sail a number of catamarans in and around South Florida. Now days she is living the life of Riley in Dubai entering song and dance competitions, auditioning for the play […]


Miami, Florida: The Rise Of The Chonga!

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Tweet Miami, FL: Home of the Miami Heat, J Lo, O.J. Simpson and a new emerging cultural phenomenon, the Hispanic “Chonga”. If Australia has Sheilas“”, South Africa “Kugels” and England “Slappers”, then Miami has “Chongas” — females of Hispanic descent who overtly publicize their originality with excessive makeup, names emblazoned on giant bamboo loop earrings, […]


Die Antwoord: “Zef” energy from South Africa hits the U.S.

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Tweet My sister Kimberly has found a new addiction: Die Antwoord.  It’s new edgy (scary?) rap band forged in the post-apartheid rainbow nation of South Africa, warts-and-all. I  got a bit of shock after watching the first video she sent me; I guess I have been in the United States far too long lol! Much […]


Clash of the Digital Video Broadcasting Standards: Will China Snatch Victory?

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Tweet A titanic struggle is underway between the tigers of Asia, the genius of Europe and the ebbing might of the United States to win international market share for standards governing digital video broadcasting. Over the last few years both the United States and Europe have completed — sometimes messy — switchovers over from analog […]